[development] Code duplication, collaboration, and sandboxes. Oh my!

Mike Cantelon m_cantelon at straight.com
Mon May 14 19:52:42 UTC 2007

Earnest Berry III wrote:
> I agree. I think an "announcement" of some sort before going live would
> benefit to help reduce code duplication. I know that I am just as much
> adding to the problem as anyone else (e.g. with my pontomail, I should have
> used MimeMail on the send part of the module instead of writing my own
> sendmail function...currently refactoring/writing). 
Also some auditing of module categorization would help. I just emailed a 
module author today as their module isn't placed in the most logical 
category. Because of this I missed their module and ended up coding a 
custom, redundant module.


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