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Michael Samuelson michael.samuelson at libraries.idaho.gov
Tue May 15 15:37:49 UTC 2007

Robin, I'm _very_ interested in helping with the newsletter.

I've been casting about for how I'm best suited to contribute back to Drupal (it's like choosing a major in college) and given that I majored in English Literature (yeah, I finally picked one) with an emphasis on creative writing, the newsletter sounds like a great opportunity.

Tutorials, tips, interviews - I'd be up for tackling any of those.  

As the administrator of a 60+ multi-site install of Drupal (with only myself and one other person managing the technical aspects of the operation), I'm particularly interested in the subject of change management for Drupal sites, and feel that subject, because of the requisite 10,000 foot view one must take, would fit well with a periodic publication. In other words, discussion of trends, tips for how to stay current, tutorials on how to migrate content/functionality between Drupal versions, how to pick a module that won't be dead in 6 months, etc.

I don't see a newsletter group on g.d.o.  Perhaps we need one?

Michael Samuelson
Web Developer, Idaho Commission for Libraries
IM: Yahoo & AIM: mchlsamuelson | MSN & Gtalk: mlsamuelson

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That's a good point, I'm going to try to get a few editors together to make a sustainable Drupal.org newsletter.  Interested in being a part of that team?

For that matter....sorry for the cross-post, but does anyone that gets this email want to be involved in a better Drupal newsletter?  It would literally only take an hour of your time per month. 

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Robin Monks,

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