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> My point was that if there is too much work to do useful things like
> the initial suggestion for drupal.org, maybe we should try to find
> more people to help out there.  It's not an idle suggestion.   But the
> entry bar seems rather high at the moment.
> So it has nothing to do with a pony, but rather with making it easier
> for people to actually help out.

The people who maintain the Infrastructure of Drupal.org are developers and
maintainers of web sites too.  They have jobs that pay for their types of
use or hobbies that interest them strongly enough to invest the time to
help.  In addition to being _maintainers_ of the infrastructure of
Drupal.org that so many use every day, they are also _users_ of Drupal.org.

So what I see so many arguments as reading is, someone else should do work
to make it easier for _them_ to do some random interest thing.

I have a longer post on the word _user_ on my site.  It's so often used as
the hammer to justify something yet so often undefined and to narrow of
definition.  If those people who are actually doing the work tell you that
it's more complicated than you realize, you should consider that when
formulating your vision.  

So far no one has addressed even remotely the very few complications pointed
out with foreign code.  They just throw out the 'license gives me rights'
justification which is not terribly relevant to long term sustainable
support or dismiss away the complications.

The bar is high because people are dismissing the amount of work it takes to
do something.

Steven Peck

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