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Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Fri May 25 14:03:33 UTC 2007

> The bar is high because people are dismissing the amount of work it takes to
> do something.
> Respectfully,
> Steven Peck

I allow as to how what Steven Peck has just written could be more
generally accurate than the specific cases I was thinking about -- and
that it would be educational for some segment of the users of
drupal.org who want something changed.

But my comments had to do more with a specific suggestion for a not
too unreasonably difficult to create feature, but for which people
like Derek (dww) have far too little time, as they are already
stretched thin.  Let's take me as an example of someone who might
implement such a feature, but who finds the path to doing so
unnecessarily difficult.

I'm willing to help out the infrastructure team.  But i don't have
large amounts of time to do so.  But my "vision" is not distorted by
thinking something is easier than it really is.  If "those who
actually do the work" tell me it's more complicated than I realize, I
first consider the source -- i.e. what my opinion of that person's
skill and knowledge are.  I'm always willing to be educated and learn
more.  Let me point out, however, that I've done a lot more
"complicated" implementing of all kinds of software and systems than
most.  Doing lots of work does not necessarily make one wise.

I generally don't claim something to be simple if it is not; if
anything, I tend to err on the conservative side.  But this is a

Back to the main point -- if we want to get more work done, we need
more people doing the work.  To get more people doing the work, we
need to make it more obvious as to how people can do it, what needs to
be done, and more willing to let people take on smaller slices of the

In general, most of the work on Drupal gets done not by the most
qualified, but by the people with the most time or most motivation
(probably true of a great deal of things in life, actually).  But
simply because someone doesn't have the ability to commit huge amounts
of time does not mean they aren't technically capable.  Let's try to
find ways to let those people contribute, too.

Equally respectfully,
Chris Johnson

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