[development] Google Gears

Syscrusher syscrusher at 4th.com
Thu May 31 15:15:45 UTC 2007

On Thursday 31 May 2007 10:13, adrian rossouw wrote:
> If it were just the list, i could see it happening.
> But it would require the node / comment views to be available.
> Perhaps change it so you can view the content in a jquery popup (like  
> craqbox).
> That might also help for speeding up the moderation workflow.
> Or even just the first x characters of a post in a tooltip tied to a  
> hover event.

In my situation, it's not a "community" site where the posts are simply
moderated and approved, but rather a publication where the posts are
actually edited for content and HTML formatting. What I envision is that
one could download all the unpublished nodes to local storage, edit them
there, mark the desired publication date/time for each, and upload the
changed versions.

I'm not saying it's trivial to build this, just that it would be very
useful if available. :-)


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