[development] Google Gears

Mike Bishop mbishop at adamsonadvertising.com
Thu May 31 16:48:50 UTC 2007

I disagree. Honestly, Google isn't really pushing anything all that

They aren't innovating, they are just beating people on quality.

They didn't "invent" searching they just made it 1000 times better than the
next guy.

They didn't "invent" gmail, they just had to not be hotmail.
They didn't "invent" google maps, they just had to make it prettier.
They didn't "invent" writely, they bought it.

The only thing they really lead in is quality and flawless execution.

While taking them into consideration for future development is a wise idea,
putting handcuffs on because of their direction would be a huge mistake for
anyone period.

On 5/31/07 11:36 AM, "Dan Robinson" <dan at civicactions.com> wrote:

> In my view core Drupal needs to "play nice" with google stuff (as well
> as others).  The world is changing.  2-3 years from now the way people
> use the Web will look different from what it does now.  Very different.
> People will use Drupal if it is relevant to them.

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