[development] Block visibility settings bug

Josh Koenig joshk at chapterthreellc.com
Thu Nov 8 03:54:45 UTC 2007


Found and patched a bug in 5.x (checking HEAD now) that was causing  
block configuration forms to loose visibility settings in some cases:


Basically Drupal has a lovely feature that allows different themes to  
have different sets of blocks visible, with different page-specific  
visibility settings. Unfortunately, the form that's rendered when you  
are pointed to admin/build/block/configure/<module>/<delta> just takes  
whatever set of theme-specific visibility settings the database serves  
up first.

This is particularly annoying if you're using an admin theme and mysql  
decides those records come before your front-facing theme. It gets  
even worse if you're trying to do clever stuff using multiple themes  
on a site.

Anyway, my fix is simple: add another argument to the config url/link  
so that when you are editing/saving block visibility settings, you're  
sure to be doing so for the theme in question.


Josh Koenig, Partner
AOL IM: chap3josh

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