[development] Formtweaker module seeks (its) maintainer

Zohar Stolar z.stolar at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 08:37:27 UTC 2007

This is a last try to contact the maintainer of formtweaker module 

I've tried both personal mail and contact form, without success.

In the same time, few words about this module and a call for help:

Formtweaker.module tries to deal with the proven usability advantage of 
checkboxes over select menus. It turns taxonomy's selects to checkboxes 
and radio buttons.

Since it has been launched, few improvements were made to it (like 
treating views exposed filters as well), but no one is able to create 
new releases. I was made co-maintainer, /without asking for it/, but I 
still haven't got any privileges for creating new releases (I can only 
edit the project's page). Since I can't maintain this project, I hereby 
call pancho, the maintainer, or anyone else who wishes to maintain the 
project, to step forward, and take over the project.

Zohar Stolar

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