[development] Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Sun Nov 11 00:12:13 UTC 2007

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David Strauss schrieb:

> There are many valuable comments in there, but the review completely

Yes. I never said that all of it would be irrelevant, btw.

But I do think that he is concentrating too much on the needs of a
first-time user.

> butchers vocabularies and terms. It suggests calling both "categories,"
> which would add a whole new level of ambiguity. It makes me want to
> rename "Categories" to something like "Classification" just to avoid the
> whole issue of expecting an interface to add categories.

I never agreed to the renaming of Taxonomy to Categories in the first
place. :p

I think it was done in the light of a proposal, "Drupal is too
complicated, let's dumb it down".

> Maybe it would be valuable for Drupal to configure a vocabulary called
> "Tags" out of the box with free tagging that's enabled for all content
> types. But it should be clear that tagging is a *subset* of what the
> taxonomy system can do.

I think this suggestion would be good for a blogging installation profile.

> Including some basic sample content is a nice idea. It could be an
> option during the installation process. I certainly don't want sample
> content to be mandatory for new installations.
> But to be honest, a lot of the suggested changes would be harmful for
> how I (and my company) use Drupal, which is as a development platform
> more than a quick-and-easy CMS. I think we'd have to find some way to
> satisfy the review's concerns without confining more sophisticated use.
> 'Cause if someone just wants a blog, we tell them to use WordPress. No
> one benefits from making Drupal into "Super WordPress."

Well, people actually _can_ (and should!) do that by working on an
installation profile.

Sadly, there are only very few installation profiles, which indicates
that they are somehow incomplete. I wonder what is missing.

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