[development] Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina

Brad Bowman brad at atendesigngroup.com
Sun Nov 11 00:48:47 UTC 2007

I agree with a lot of what of what has been said here, specifically
regarding the Chris's take on taxonomies. From reading his comments I
get the feeling that he didn''t 'get' taxonomies. It feels to me as if
he had a really narrow idea of what taxonomies were and how they could
be used. I think the question we really need to take out of that is
whether the the categorization of content is a inherently difficult
subject that requires a learning curve, or if we're not being as
communicative as possible about what the taxonomy module does and how
one might use it. Although I agree that Taxonomy, Vocabulary, and Term
and technically precise terms, are they also the most communicative

I feel like we should look not only at the fact that he got some
things wrong so to speak, but also explore why he got them wrong, and
whether or not we can do anything about it for both he and the non
technical types without sacrificing functionality. I think we should
consider that a lot of us here turn over drupal sites to less
technical or non technical users, and the more clarity we can get from
a usability standpoint is a major benefit when it comes to long term
product support.

Brad Bowman

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