[development] Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina

Josh Koenig joshk at chapterthreellc.com
Sat Nov 10 23:43:15 UTC 2007

>> tweaks and workflow glue for your use-case. Even if you're just
>> rolling a "blog" or "wiki" install profile, a key part of making it
>> wildly successful will be giving blog/wiki admins quick and
>> intuitive access to the tools they need...
> Can't most of it be achieved with access rules?

It really depends on your use-case. In simple instances it may be  
possible to create an "Admin" role which you grant limited access to  
Drupal's admin features, reducing the number of choices and potential  
for confusion. However, the way in which these admin features are laid  
out will remain generic and not tailored to the intended use of the  

Moreover, you usually want to give the owner of the site user #1,  
which has root-like powers to see all configuration options exposed by  
the system, which is important, but puts you back at square one in  
terms of what the administrative user-experience is all about.


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