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> Earl Miles wrote:
> &gt; David Strauss wrote:
> &gt;&gt; 'Cause if someone just wants a blog, we tell them to use
WordPress. No
> &gt;&gt; one benefits from making Drupal into &quot;Super WordPress.&quot;
> &gt; 
> &gt; Actually, one of my long term goals is to get Drupal to the point
> &gt; it can compete with Wordpress. There *is* a benefit to this in terms
> &gt; marketing and perception.
> I agree. I'm working on modules + installation profile to get a valid
> DrupalMU, a multi-user blogging platform.
> Wim

OMG. I am your target beta tester. I'm the kind of person you want to have
playing with something like that. Just ping me when you're ready. 

BTW : I am sending this to the list so other module developers know about my
eagerness to beta-test modules and submit UE and UI reports. I will not be
able to say "yes" to everybody, but just FYI. 

I do spec out modules. I just don't code them (that's left to the resident
or hired code heroes). 


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