[development] Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sun Nov 11 17:24:04 UTC 2007

Liza Sabater wrote:
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>> David Strauss wrote:
>> &gt; 'Cause if someone just wants a blog, we tell them to use WordPress.
> No
>> &gt; one benefits from making Drupal into &quot;Super WordPress.&quot;
>> Actually, one of my long term goals is to get Drupal to the point where 
>> it can compete with Wordpress. There *is* a benefit to this in terms of 
>> marketing and perception.
> As I said, most organizations and multiuser projects don't know that when
> they ask for "a blog" they're really asking for Drupal. And if they do, they
> just say it's too hard to use. 
> I hope that focusing on distros will help in working out UI and UE issues.
> I actually have a bit of an issue with the distros, but I'll test D6 first
> before making any comments. 
> BTW, I still do a double take when I read "profile" on this list. I
> immediately think of USER profile, not INSTALLATION profile. In terms of
> User Experience, I think it can be a problem. 

Just keep in mind -- it's a long term goal =)

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