[development] Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina

Aymerick Jéhanne aymerick at jehanne.org
Wed Nov 14 16:25:49 UTC 2007

>>>   vocabulary -> category group
>> Two words would be confusing, especially if category is used for  
>> term.
>> How about just "category" here.
> Category is a problem because other systems (WordPress) use category
> to mean "term", and in many cases don't have a concept of multiple
> vocabularies or hierarchies.

Totally agree, users except terms to be categories.

The real "new concept" in drupal compared to others systems is the  
Vocabulary. And after all, a vocabulary is a kind of 'classification  
root', so why not:

taxonomy.module -> classification.module
vocabulary -> classification
term -> category

My 2 cents :)
-- Aymerick

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