[development] Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina

Richard Morse remorse at partners.org
Wed Nov 14 17:32:10 UTC 2007

[snipped long discussion of alternatives to "taxonomy", "vocabulary",  

I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'm still not sure why there is a  
problem. Although I don't claim to be a master at using  
taxonomy.module, it was very obvious to me after the first two  
minutes of using Drupal what the terms meant. Why do we need to  
change them? The only thing I would change is the "categories" menu  
item back to "taxonomies". Is there any advantage to using less  
correct and more ambiguous terms to name things?

The entire topic of categorization is going to require some learning  
in order to make use of it. If there are default profiles, as has  
recently been discussed, which have already set up a default  
vocabulary as a "tagging" vocabulary, then the needs of the beginning  
blogger has been taken care of. Anything complex, users are going to  
need to read a bit, or play around for a while, to figure out -- so  
what is the extra minute to realize that a vocabulary is a collection  
of terms?

(If people can't stand the word "vocabulary", why not "dictionary",  
which is also a collection of terms?)


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