[development] Renaming "taxonomy" terminology? (was Re: Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina)

Steven Peck sepeck at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 20:14:43 UTC 2007

Don't give me false hope that we can have taxonomy back and remove the
complete confusion between the menu and module name mis-match and the
contributed module named categories completely muddying the waters.

I almost never +1 a thread, but getting rid of 'categories' and
renaming it back to the original Taxonomy would be a good thing from
my point of view.

For those that thing it should be listed as a 'Feature', send me
text/verbiage off list and I will add it.

Steven Peck :: www.blkmtn.org

On Nov 14, 2007 12:00 PM, David Cohen <drupal at dave-cohen.com> wrote:
> I rarely read bikeshed (www.bikeshed.org) type threads, let alone weigh
> in on them.  But I'll offer a suggestion here and hopefully wont regret
> it.
> It's undeniable there is class of users who is put off by and/or
> intimidated by and/or has trouble understanding words like "taxonomy,"
> "category," "vocabulary" and presumably others with  three+ syllables
> ;) .  That's why these discussions come up from time to time.
> There have been a number of suggestions that might make things easier to
> grok for newbies and users who don't want to get more than ankle deep in
> Drupal.  But every one I've seen uses some term that some people on this
> list really don't like.  In fact there's only one term I've seen no
> objection to, and that is "term".  Therefore I suggest:
> taxonomy.module -> term.module (or just leave it taxonomy.module)
> Vocabularies -> Term Sets
> Terms -> Terms
> Perhaps with this scheme new users and clients will not be confused when
> they first see them, and will eventually discover that term sets can be
> entire hierarchies with lots of features.  By then they may know enough
> about Drupal that these features will be a pleasant surprise and not a
> source of confusion.
> Personally, I've never had a problem with the words taxonomy,
> vocabulary, etc.  That's why I called this a bikeshed argument earlier.
> Because to me personally the names make little difference.  The power of
> the features remains important to me.
> Thanks for reading my humble opinions,
> -Dave
> On Wed, 14 Nov 2007 10:32:02 -0800, "Derek Wright" <drupal at dwwright.net>
> said:
> > [Am I the only one who thinks it's worth forking this monster thread
> > into appropriately named subthreads to cover the various parallel
> > conversations going on?]
> Definitely not.

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