[development] Views 2: Call for help

Dmitri G dmitrig01 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 01:39:05 UTC 2007

Views 2 is currently being updated for Drupal 6 compatibility, but it needs
major help in order to be ready for the Drupal 6's approximate release date!
We're short on people and short on time, so here's the bottom line. Without
your assistance and contributions, there will be no Views for Drupal 6
within any useful timeframe. If we don't have Views 2 ready for the D6
release date, the vast majority of casual users will not even bother to
download and try Drupal 6. That would be bad, so you need to get involved in
helping to complete Views 2 so this scenario doesn't happen!

What can I do to assist?
There are still four major areas that need to be completed: User Interface,
Handlers, Documentation, and the Upgrade Path. Here's how you can get

Views 2 Priorities
 * User Interface [managed by dmitrig01]
   There are several key features in the User Interface that need some help,
   but they're too detailed to explain here.
   If you would like to help code it, or if you're themer who likes
intelligible design,
   we want your skill.
 * Handlers
       Small chunks of code that tell Views about other modules that may
       Handlers provide the 'core integration' functionality.
    * Comment
    * Book
    * Comment
    * Forum
    * Profile
    * Search
    * Statistics
    * Taxonomy
    * Upload
 * Upgrade path
 * Documentation
    * In-module documentation for end users (tooltips, help pages) [managed
by dmitrig01]
    * Drupal.org End-user Handbook documentation [managed by Senpai]
    * Drupal.org Handbook Developer documentation
    * Drupal.org Handbook Themer documentation

Who we need
 * Able coders who are willing to donate some hours to the effort
 * Documentation writers who are willing to write a paragraph or three.
 * People who can over-see other people and are able to do either of the
above (we're still looking for over-seers for some areas).

How you can help
Please leave a reply about your availability, what you capabilities are, and
what you'd be willing to work on.
We'll handle it from there.
We really need help under these four categories but if you can think of
anything else you'd like to help with, then go ahead and make a comment
about that too.
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