[development] Views 2: Call for help

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Mon Nov 19 06:42:27 UTC 2007

Could we organize a conference call where Earl steps all interested 
parties through the code at a high level and talks about the task list? 
The Dojo framework would be good for this.


Dmitri G wrote:
> Views 2 is currently being updated for Drupal 6 compatibility, but it 
> needs major help in order to be ready for the Drupal 6's approximate 
> release date! We're short on people and short on time, so here's the 
> bottom line. Without your assistance and contributions, there will be 
> no Views for Drupal 6 within any useful timeframe. If we don't have 
> Views 2 ready for the D6 release date, the vast majority of casual 
> users will not even bother to download and try Drupal 6. That would be 
> bad, so you need to get involved in helping to complete Views 2 so 
> this scenario doesn't happen!
> What can I do to assist?
> There are still four major areas that need to be completed: User 
> Interface, Handlers, Documentation, and the Upgrade Path. Here's how 
> you can get involved:
> Views 2 Priorities
>  * User Interface [managed by dmitrig01]
>    There are several key features in the User Interface that need some 
> help,
>    but they're too detailed to explain here.
>    If you would like to help code it, or if you're themer who likes 
> intelligible design,
>    we want your skill.
>  * Handlers
>        Small chunks of code that tell Views about other modules that 
> may exist.
>        Handlers provide the 'core integration' functionality.
>     * Comment
>     * Book
>     * Comment
>     * Forum
>     * Profile
>     * Search
>     * Statistics
>     * Taxonomy
>     * Upload
>  * Upgrade path
>  * Documentation
>     * In-module documentation for end users (tooltips, help pages) 
> [managed by dmitrig01]
>     * Drupal.org <http://Drupal.org> End-user Handbook documentation 
> [managed by Senpai]
>     * Drupal.org <http://Drupal.org> Handbook Developer documentation
>     * Drupal.org <http://Drupal.org> Handbook Themer documentation
> Who we need
>  * Able coders who are willing to donate some hours to the effort
>  * Documentation writers who are willing to write a paragraph or three.
>  * People who can over-see other people and are able to do either of 
> the above (we're still looking for over-seers for some areas).
> How you can help
> Please leave a reply about your availability, what you capabilities 
> are, and what you'd be willing to work on.
> We'll handle it from there.
> We really need help under these four categories but if you can think 
> of anything else you'd like to help with, then go ahead and make a 
> comment about that too.

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