[development] Views 2: Call for help

Wim Mostrey drupal at mostrey.be
Tue Nov 20 06:15:47 UTC 2007

A quick poll would be a great idea.

I'm very willing to help on getting Views 2 ready. I've dug pretty deep
in the Views 1 code already and had my share of manually created handlers.


Derek Wright wrote:
> On Nov 18, 2007, at 10:42 PM, Robert Douglass wrote:
>> Could we organize a conference call where Earl steps all interested
>> parties through the code at a high level and talks about the task
>> list? The Dojo framework would be good for this.
> This is a brilliant idea.  Earl, assuming you're up for it, perhaps you
> should start a quick poll in the views developer group @ g.d.o with the
> times you're available, and let folks vote/comment[1] for their favorite
> (so we can get the best turn-out).
> I'd be willing to host a similar "dojo session" for people who wanted to
> help work on project* D6, if anyone's interested... ;)
> Thanks,
> -Derek (dww)
> [1] Ranked choice voting would be nice for this...

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