[development] How many modules is too many?

J-P Stacey jp.stacey at torchbox.com
Thu Nov 22 09:41:29 UTC 2007

Greg Holsclaw wrote:
> Drupal 6 will better optimize this issue by allowing module developers
> to better include only the needed files through the menu system, thus
> reducing overall memory usage without adding much overhead for opening
> more files. I am sure chx would give a better summary.

I was just thinking, what might be nice, then, is for there to be some 
standard way of componentizing a module, and bringing in bits of it based on 
the URL. I take it from the mention of menu that that's what D6 does?

If you introduce a precompiler to minimize the file hits in such a system as 
Khalid mentions, would that nullify the effect you're after on the memory? 
Do precompilers typically work within the allocated memory of the apache 
processes and hence bloat them just the same?

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