[development] drupal on postgresql benchmark

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Mon Nov 26 22:43:48 UTC 2007

On Nov 26, 2007 4:41 PM, Earnie Boyd <earnie at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> Quoting Khalid Baheyeldin <kb at 2bits.com>:
> >   - Add skip-innodb, which saves some 100MB of RAM for the MySQL.
> >
> Speaking of innodb; I've been testing with it as well.  InnoDB can be
> slightly faster with selects that MyISAM and provides for row locking
> which you can't do with MyISAM.

With some pitfalls.

When you do a SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ... it is very slow on InnoDB.
MyISAM just consults the index and gets you the number instantly. On
InnoDB, the index is co-resident with the data, not separate, hence it
is slow.

So, most of the queries in Drupal that need to know the number of rows
and do SELECT COUNT(*) are slower. For example pager_query() stuff.

Also, explicit table locking is gone in Drupal 6 (at least for core), so
MyISAM and InnoDB will (should?) benefit from that.
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