[development] Fwd: Drupal.org uprade: contributed module dependencies

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Tue Nov 27 12:17:20 UTC 2007


I would like to offer the rewritten subscriptions module to 

a) replace project subscriptions
b) while there, replace simplenews

Hans Salvisberg and myself have been working on it and it's in pretty good shape by now. I am considering a beta release for 5.x any day now. I will probably move it to Drupal.org CVS today. It lives at  https://4si.devguard.com/svn/public but there is no install yet, so it's a bit hard to install. I do not think the mysql dump is up to date either...

If this offer is accepted -- we seem to be kind of agreed on a) with Chad -- then I would like to get testers.

Also, please consider breaking the tradition. There is no realistic chance views 2 being ready for Drupal 6 this year and that seems a crucial problem. There are some other "little" pieces and bits.



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