[development] Do not let postgresql hold back great patches

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Thu Nov 29 14:28:28 UTC 2007

In response to "Karoly Negyesi" <karoly at negyesi.net>:

> > This is exactly the problem: those who use Drupal on PostgreSQL must
> > be the ones who would resolve the SQL differences, test and debug
> > patches,...etc.
> > All of us want a cross platform cross database CMS, 
> While we MySQL developers are willing to validate our queries against an
> SQL validator but the problems are usually not on this level. Some examples
> are: text fields without defaults work on MySQL (even they can't have a
> default if i remember correctly) but not on pgsql so we need to supply a
> value. DDL have different syntax -- schema solved a lot but not all.

Before I start, let me reiterate for anyone who may have missed it earlier,
that I am a rabid PostgreSQL advocate.

That being said, I _agree_ with Karoly _in_theory_.  PostgreSQL compat
should _not_ hold Drupal back.  To let it hold Drupal back would be a
horrible idea.  It would be utterly destructive to the project.

Unfortunately, I don't see any _actual_ evidence that the problem you
describe even exists, and I see a LOT of false information being
put forth in this thread.  Let me enumerate a few items of concern:

*) The argument has been made that PostgreSQL compatibility is holding
   Drupal back, then 1 (One!) patch is referred to again and again.
   How important is this one patch?  If this _1_ patch is holding
   Drupal back, please commit it!
*) The argument was made that PostgreSQL is too complicated to install
   and test on, yet I described the setup in a single email.  If anyone
   found my instructions too difficult to follow, _please_ let me know
   and I will go to efforts to clarify.
*) Now you make a ridiculous claim as to the SQL syntax of PostgreSQL:
   "text fields without defaults [don't work in pgsql]"

test=# create table testkaroly (testfield TEXT);
test=# \d testkaroly
  Table "public.testkaroly"
  Column   | Type | Modifiers 
 testfield | text | 

test=# create table testkaroly2 (testfield TEXT DEFAULT 'test');
test=# \d testkaroly2
       Table "public.testkaroly2"
  Column   | Type |      Modifiers       
 testfield | text | default 'test'::text

As you can see clearly, TEXT fields work with and without defaults.

What completely unreliable source are you using for your information?

In any event, once I have some life issues sorted out I will be more
involved in Drupal development (hopefully come January).  Until then,
I simply feel obligated to debunk such blatantly incorrect assertions
as this text/default thing.

Bill Moran

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