[development] Do not let postgresql hold back great patches

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Thu Nov 29 14:07:15 UTC 2007

> This is exactly the problem: those who use Drupal on PostgreSQL must
> be the ones who would resolve the SQL differences, test and debug
> patches,...etc.

> All of us want a cross platform cross database CMS, 

While we MySQL developers are willing to validate our queries against an SQL validator but the problems are usually not on this level. Some examples are: text fields without defaults work on MySQL (even they can't have a default if i remember correctly) but not on pgsql so we need to supply a value. DDL have different syntax -- schema solved a lot but not all.

So let me reiterate my proposal: If a patch works on MySQL and has a good chance of working on postgresql -- because the queries validate or the specific features exist on postgresql but there can be syntax differences etc -- then please commit it. This is not, again NOT going down the "one database route" -- we will validate our queries, will still look into the postgresql manual as we did before etc to ensure things are OK -- just please let the postgresql folks test when they have time / resource without holding up the other whatever significant percent of core developers. 

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