[development] Do not let postgresql hold back great patches

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 30 23:53:33 UTC 2007

Quoting Bill Moran <wmoran at potentialtech.com>:

> If you look at an OS (Linux or BSD or whatever) you'll see the kernel
> divided into machine dependent and machine independent parts.  For
> example, you can't boot an ARM processor the same way you boot an i386
> CPU, but most of the other things the kernel does can come from the
> same code.
> I expect that the right way to make Drupal _truly_ database neutral is
> to have database-dependent and database-independent code.  You'd only
> see this kind of thing at the lower levels, and higher logic code
> shouldn't even care about it.

Drupal SQL http://drupal.org/node/191486

> Take, for example, that COUNT(*) is _really_ fast on MySQL + MyISAM,
> but is slow on just about every other DB.  So, replace it with
> $db->count(), which does an SQL COUNT(*) on MySQL + MyISAM, but uses
> some other technique on other databases.  The programmer no longer
> cares _how_ such a thing gets done, he only cares that he wants to
> know how many rows are in a particular query

And we can optimize in the abstraction.  We need to trim the number of 
places to worry with optimization.

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