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Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 22:32:21 UTC 2007

Some comments based on all the above.

There is a little domain management -- we use Widlcard DNS, so we actually
manage the active subdomains with the module.

I looked at the available options.  There are several modules that are
similar (OG multisite, and multidomain come to mind). None of the modules
hit our use case.  And pressflow_multidomain has no releases, so that's
right out.

See http://drupal.org/node/180225 for some other notes on multidomain.

The five important differences for Domain Manager -- which I may rename
Domain Access, since that's what it is -- are as follows:

- It uses node_access() instead of db_rewrite_sql() for partitioning
content.  And the 'realms' that users belong to are based on the subdomain
they are currently viewing, not on any form of group membership.

- Content can be assigned to all domains, select domains, or just the parent
site.  (Which is the same as the other modules.)

- If you don't have the 'set domain access' privilege, you are not even
presented with a choice during node creation or node edit.  In those cases,
the node_access() rules are set based on configuration options and the
currently active subdomain.  The module is written this way so that editors
can't screw up the system.  In particular, I don't favor using vocabularies
for partitioning content since the UI is prone to human error.

- Optionally, you can also use the module to define editorial access to
content, based on assigning editors to specific subdomains.

- We separate editing privileges out into a hierarchical system.  National
editors can edit all nodes ('administer nodes'), where local editors can
only edit nodes that belong to their domain ('edit domain nodes').

We also, btw, have a trick for selective table prefixing inside of
settings.php which I'm working on a UI for.

I'm not currently doing anything with menu entries, however, since the site
we developed for used Flash navigation (so we used that mechanism instead of

The plan is to create a series of small modules that add functions.  See
http://drupal.org/node/180264 for example.

All of this backstory will go into the module documentation -- and it was
part of the Barcelona presentation.  People I spoke with were anxious to
test the module, so it's in cvs a little ahead of schedule.

Hope to have a proper release by end of month.

- Ken Rickard

On 10/2/07, Boris Mann <boris at bryght.com> wrote:
> On 10/2/07, Greg Knaddison <greg at pingvox.com> wrote:
> > What about
> > http://drupal.org/project/multidomain
> > and
> > http://drupal.org/project/pressflow_multidomain
> >
> > and I think even one more that I can't find at the moment.
> All slightly different. As is http://groups.drupal.org/hostmaster2
> Domain Manager (a misnomer a bit, I think), is optimized for the whole
> subdomain / shared database....not actually managing domains.
> We'll likely have a couple of these, since the goals for sharing
> content / users / etc. are all slightly different, as is managing lots
> of separate DB run sites for hosting etc.
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