[development] Domain Manager

lorenz schori lorenz.schori at gmx.ch
Tue Oct 2 19:55:17 UTC 2007

Hi Ken

I did a very similar module based on vocabularies but did not release  
it to the community yet. I also implemented the possibility to  
override variables and menu entries on a per-domain basis.

Source is available here:

The site where the module is installed has some special content for  
different regions (just like yours) and some theme gimmicks (like the  
picture in the header).

FYI: I plan to move away from that mechanism in favor of the standard  
way of sharing tables using sites/bla/settings.php and possibly using  
feeds and aggregators to link to shared content on a special  
subdomain for two reasons:
* My users often where very confused about the fact that the changes  
they make to "their" content will be visible on other subdomains too.
* I don't like the fact that the very same content is reachable using  
different URIs.
* The goal of our site is to build a community platform and only  
separate the few things which actually are different amongst the  
local projects like some network-admin-stuff, locative information  
and some status and project information...

If you find some interesting bits in the code feel free to just take  
it for your project.


On 02.10.2007, at 01:17, Ken Rickard wrote:

> For those who attended the 'Affiliated Sites' presentation in  
> Barcelona -- or who I told about the module otherwise.
> I have committed the initial code for the Domain Manager module.
> http://drupal.org/project/domain
> Documentation should be finished by end of week.
> In a nutshell, it uses registered third-level domains and  
> node_access() to provide an affiliated content model.  The site(s)  
> share all tables, but content can be partitioned to all sites, one  
> site, or a selection of sites.
> See the demo at http://www.skirt.com/map
> - Ken Rickard
> agentrickard

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