[development] how to identify "root" modules?

Gábor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri Oct 12 14:26:47 UTC 2007


A few years ago, most module projects hosted on drupal.org had one
module in them, but nowadays more and more projects pop up with more
modules in there. Examples include ubercart, ecommerce, views,
ad.module and so on.

Because module naming and placement guidelines are missing (as far as
I know), we have various naming conventions. These projects have
multiple modules, but their "root" module (ie. the module required by
all or close to all submodules) is put in different places:

 - views/views.module (all other modules in the same folder (1))
 - ad/ad.module (submodules in subfolders (2))
 - ubercart/uc_cart/uc_cart.module (other modules up one folder (3))
 - ecommerce/ec_common/ec_common.module (other modules up one folder (3))

These are at least three different methods to do it:

 - (1) all modules it he same folder
 - (2) root module in root folder, submodules in subfolders
 - (3) root module in some subfolder, other modules alike

As the complexity of a package increases, module organization goes
down this route. For a few files, the same directory works, when the
root module only has a few files, it could still stay in the root
directory, while submodules go to subfolders, and at the end the root
module gets complex (images, include files, CSS files) and it goes
down to it's own folder. While all modules might not go through this
route, you get the idea.

In any case, there is also no guarantee that the "root module" is
named after the project.

Why I investigated this is that I would need a stable solution to
indentify these "root" modules in each project. We know this is system
module in Drupal itself, but collecting a wired in list of "root"
modules for each module suite seems like a bad idea.

My use case is when we generate translation templates or export
translations for Drupal 6, the system looks under the module
directories 'translations' subfolder to import .po files
automatically. So common strings (shared by the submodules) should be
saved in one .po file under the module you would surely enable in all
cases. So we need to export the common strings to the translations
subdirectory of the "root" module. We need to know about the root

The (1) organization also has a few unwanted side effects, but they
are not as pressing as not knowing about the "root" module at all.

Frankly I have no cool idea to go about this, but it should be done
for sure. A new .info file key might be in order to mark base modules
or required modules. Or we can go in and compute a dependency tree
with the requirements and identify the root module ourselfs. This
obviously only works if the dependencies are properly marked, and is
definitely not how it works with Drupal itself, where modules just
does not depend on system module.

At the end *for my use case* the ideal world would look like (2) with
the root module always named after the project name, but this is
probably not going to happen, so let's think about other solutions.


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