[development] Question on base_path() in hook_init and caching

Doug Green douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com
Wed Sep 12 06:54:44 UTC 2007

David Metzler wrote:
> I've been recently struggling with getting my cas module to support 
> caching (not agressive caching).  I started by getting error messages 
> when I called arg() in my hook_init and am now having problems with 
> base_path() not being defined.
> Can anyone suggest a strategy for eliminating these errors?  Is there 
> a bootstrap function I should be calling in my hook_init?
> If not should I be filing a core bug related to this, or should I not 
> be able to use arg and base_path in a hook_init function?
In Drupal 5.x, I avoid hook_init and actually put all of my 
initialization in hook_menu under the !$may_cache else.  For example:

function mymodule_menu($may_cache) {
  $items = array();
  if ($may_cache) {
    // initialize menu array...
  else {
    // stuff that you normally would put in hook_init
  return $items;

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