[development] xmlrpc usage stats module or page?

Tomas J. Fulopp tomi at vacilando.org
Wed Sep 12 09:17:32 UTC 2007

Hi Neil and others,

If there were a module showing these stats, people would be reminded of 
this feature and many, many more would turn it on. In other words, by 
providing module or core access to the stats, the feature itself would 
be promoted.

It is in the interest of everyone running a Drupal installation that the 
modules and themes they have (often after a long and painful testing) 
selected for use in production sites are precisely those that will 
develop further. By providing the stats to the xmlrpc they would 
automatically send a signal to the module/theme developers saying "go 
on, we depend on your module".

I am ready to work on a module that would provide these stats - whatever 
skewed they *currently* are. Can somebody please let me know how can I 
connect to the live database, or at least to its regular dumps so that I 
can get the raw data.



Tomáš J. Fülöpp

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Neil Drumm wrote:
> On 9/12/07, Tomas J. Fulopp <tomi at vacilando.org> wrote:
>> Is there a module or a live stats page listing module and theme usage
>> stats that users keep sending to http://drupal.org/xmlrpc.php ?
> I have checked this manually at the database prompt before. The
> numbers are quite small due to the fact that this setting is quite
> hidden in the UI. They are not statistically useful since the sample
> size is so small and biased towards people who go out of their way to
> turn it on.

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