[development] jQuery 1.2 is released

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Sep 13 01:24:22 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 12 September 2007, Derek Wright wrote:
> On Sep 12, 2007, at 2:17 PM, Larry Garfield wrote:
> > A single Drupal module to act as a controller / central repository
> > for jQuery plugins, so that we don't have a dozen Drupal modules
> > with the 20 lines of PHP (or whatever) needed to bootstrap the
> > module just to call drupal_add_js().
> Just to be clear, what I was proposing in the other thread about
> update(_status)? + jQuery plugins was that each jQuery plugin would
> have a .info file, and an *empty* .module file, only so that it
> showed up like a module with respect to update(_status)? and that the
> existing client code could check for newer versions of the plugins.
> My proposal wasn't at all concerned with the code to actually call
> drupal_add_js(), and I agree that a single plugin-manager would be
> better than a bunch of duplicated code for that.
> That said, the single plugin manager might be able to handle the case
> that the empty .module files was meant to address, and populate the
> {system} table with some new records for each plugin, just so that
> update(_status)? knows they exist and can look for new releases...
> Alternatively, we *could* modify the update(_status)? code to better
> handle this case, and, for example:

*snip*  This sounds like something we'd want to talk over with John Resig and 
the jQuery folks.  The ideal case would be a "plugins" directory that mirrors 
the way the modules directory works, complete with .info files that get 
loaded as needed by core/a core module/a contrib module that eventually moves 
to core.  That would require some standardization and packaging on the jQuery 
side (since I don't think we want to be in the business of managing our own 
jQuery plugins.  

dww, are you going to be in Barcelona?  If so, let's try and find some time to 

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