[development] jQuery 1.2 is released

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 13 12:33:06 UTC 2007

Quoting William Smith <william.darren at gmail.com>:

> I think that is where the misunderstanding is coming in.  We need to
> decouple those terms in this case .. module being a Drupal module, plugin
> being a jQuery plugin.
> http://jquery.com/plugins/ currently lists 363 available jQuery plugins.
> What Larry seems to be talking about is having 1 single Drupal module to
> activate/deactive this plugins if they are available on the local system,
> rather than having 363 individual Drupal modules to active/deactive these
> plugins.
> It seems like a reasonable approach to me.  Conflating module and plugin in
> this case is what is leading to the confusion, I think.

Thanks for the explanation.  So we're saying that a 
jquery_plugins.module is needed to control the use of the jQuery 
plugin.  Perhaps uploading the plugin via the file upload process and 
allowing the jQuery plugin to live in files/jquery/ or something like 
that?  Then delete the plugin file from files/jquery/ to deactivate it?

Again forgive my ignorance on this matter.  I just don't want users 
needing two different activate/deactivate menus and since jQuery is 
part of core; every user will eventually need to use it.  Do any of 
those plugins create a need to modify a database?  It will be worse if 
yes because then we definitely should provide a .install file just to 
do the un/install of the pieces and parts.

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