[development] applet requesting cache item - please help

Olatunde Sowobi Olatunde.Sowobi at teachers.tv
Fri Sep 21 11:29:34 UTC 2007

Have you considered using a http request to a menu hook or xml rpc

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Can anybody help me please - I've reviewed tonnes of documentation for 
days but cannot find the answer.

I'm developing a module that displays a Java applet and at the same time

prepares data for the applet. This data is stored using cache_set().

The applet then requests this data using a separate call... and my 
problem is -- in the program that provides this data to the applet, I do

not know how can I connect to the database. I assume I need to include 
bootstrap.inc and a couple of other scripts, but all my experiments

Can you please give me some hints as to what is the proper way to to 
this, or can you point me to a page or module that has employed this 

I really would not bother you if I could find it myself. I hope somebody




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