[development] Drupal on OSX, anyone?

Bill Fitzgerald bill at funnymonkey.com
Wed Apr 2 15:01:06 UTC 2008

Hello, Gary,

This might be slightly OT for the dev list, and a better fit for the 
support list --

Jon VanDyk has a great writeup on this here: 

He also has a bunch of great mac-related content in general here: 

IMO, you'd be better off with a LAMP stack.



Gary Broyhill wrote:
> Hi,
> I fairly new to this group, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the 
> posts so far.
> To learn Drupal, I have succesfully set up Drupal 5.7 on a Mac OSX 
> Leopard server, which came preconfigured with Apache/PHP. I had the 
> server on hand so it seemed a cheap way to get started :). Has anyone 
> else tried using Drupal on OSX? Would be interested in comparing 
> notes. I'm not sure if OSX would be a good production server for the 
> long haul, and I wonder if should just ditch it and go to a standard 
> LAMP set up.
> Any input on this would be appreciated! Thanks
> Gary Broyhill
> Webmaster
> Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, NC
> www.lrc.edu <http://www.lrc.edu/>

Bill Fitzgerald
Tools for Teachers

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