[development] Being noisy on installation...

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Fri Apr 11 02:28:49 UTC 2008

So, I was reading over:


and saw one of my personal pet peeves jump out: "Even if your module  
doesn't have need of a hook_install function, it's nice to Display a  
note confiriming that the module is installed and ready for action."  
Core doesn't do it at all and, as far as I can tell, it originated  
with Views (which most folks take as an admonition that It's Right).

Thoughts from the peanut gallery? At first blush, I'm horrifically  
opposed to it, because I think we have enough to worry about then  
reading /successful/ messages - I'd much rather Drupal interrupt me  
when something /bad/ has happened, not when something I /expect/ to  
happen actually happened. But, playing my own devil's advocate, I  
could say that "well, there's precedence already - we always inform  
the user when something has been created, updated, or deleted  

Whatever we decide, I care about consistency. If we're going to  
recommend this in our style guides, then /core should do the same  

Morbus Iff
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