[development] Desperately seeking SoC co-mentors

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Fri Apr 18 13:02:29 UTC 2008

On Monday, we'll be announcing our final project selections for Google 
Summer of Code. Each selected projects has been assigned a primary 
mentor already, but there are still a few projects without assigned 
co-mentors. We always like to assign co-mentors on each project, both so 
that students have a couple of different people they can bounce ideas 
off of, and also so that one of the mentors can go on vacation while the 
other fills in.

We're specifically looking for people with the expertise in some of the 
following areas:
- Drupal Search
- Security
- SimpleTest/unit testing
- Machine learning/RDF
- Dynamic image creation/manipulation
- jQuery
- OpenID
- Nodequeue module
- Date/Calendar-related stuff

So if you'll have some time over the summer and would like to help usher 
in some new Drupal contributors to write some awesome new code for 
Drupal, please:

1. Head to http://code.google.com/soc/2008/mentor_home.html and fill out 
your mentor profile. This allows you to view the SoC applications.
2. Head to http://groups.drupal.org/og/subscribe/9196 to request a 
subscription to the SoC 2008 Mentors group.
3. Ping me on IRC or via e-mail so I can approve your subscriptions.
4. Head to http://groups.drupal.org/node/10657, which contains a list of 
  our accepted applications in a wiki. Edit the page to fill in your 
name on any of the ?s.

Thanks for your support! :)

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