[development] New advanced help module

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sat Apr 19 01:05:35 UTC 2008

In an effort to provide a framework to get decent documentation into 
Views 2, I determined that the built in Drupal help is simply not 
satisfactory for my needs. So I built this framework as a generic module 
that any module can utilize as an option to get expanded documentation 
about the administrative side of a module.

Currently the module is in beta status -- it is almost certainly missing 
features, but it has what I want. I'll happily, however, let others who 
want to expand this to meet the needs of other modules. In my ideal 
world, this module will be improved, code-wise, until it is core worthy 
and the basic "how to use Drupal" documentation ends up shipped with 
Drupal. Perhaps this can happen as part of an upcoming Summer of Code 
project; in any case, I put this out there for people to use and see 
what we can do with it.

Also, look at it this way: If Views uses it, you know that 50% of the 
modules out there for Drupal 6 will at least be exposed to it.

Oh, the module is for Drupal 6 but can probably be backported to D5 with 
not a lot of effort. If someone wants to do that, great. I won't be 
doing it, though. =)

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