[development] New advanced help module

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sat Apr 19 01:25:21 UTC 2008

Earl Miles wrote:
> In an effort to provide a framework to get decent documentation into 
> Views 2, I determined that the built in Drupal help is simply not 
> satisfactory for my needs. So I built this framework as a generic 
> module that any module can utilize as an option to get expanded 
> documentation about the administrative side of a module.
> Currently the module is in beta status -- it is almost certainly 
> missing features, but it has what I want. I'll happily, however, let 
> others who want to expand this to meet the needs of other modules. In 
> my ideal world, this module will be improved, code-wise, until it is 
> core worthy and the basic "how to use Drupal" documentation ends up 
> shipped with Drupal. Perhaps this can happen as part of an upcoming 
> Summer of Code project; in any case, I put this out there for people 
> to use and see what we can do with it.
> Also, look at it this way: If Views uses it, you know that 50% of the 
> modules out there for Drupal 6 will at least be exposed to it.
> Oh, the module is for Drupal 6 but can probably be backported to D5 
> with not a lot of effort. If someone wants to do that, great. I won't 
> be doing it, though. =)
By the way, I'm keenly interested in the opinion of the translation 
wizards out there to make sure I got it right and am not missing 
something necessary or that could make this even easier.

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