[development] RFC: drupal as a moving target

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Wed Apr 30 16:45:33 UTC 2008

Caleb Gilbert schrieb:
> Also, I never mentioned a 'gold' repository. My original intention was 
> simply to sign on too the idea that catch suggested which I understood 
> it was - 'why release a Drupal version that no one is going to use for 
> any large/critical sites for six months (or possibly ever)'.
> In addition to myself, I know at least one other (large) shop that has 
> more or less committed to skip Drupal 6. This is what's happening and no 
> one wants to deal with it and just poo-poos such talk as being 
> irrelevant. But it is happening, and it's up to everyone to form their 
> own opinion of any relevancy. (personally I'm fine with the idea that 
> some releases end up this way IF was more publicly acknowledge instead 
> of hushed up, which is what I feel like is happening now to some extent)

Now you know another Drupal shop.

> The real point of all this, which makes this discussion not just a 
> pedantic exercise, is that I truly feel sorry for anyone starting up a 
> big project right now who is just getting into Drupal and trying to make 
> sense of what version to use. I've seen people giving others what I 
> consider to be very bad advice and representing a state of 
> stability/readiness for Drupal 6 which, in my considered *opinion*, is 
> just not there.

I totally agree with you.  D6 is a great release, but given these facts, we 
might consider to release Drupal core not by date, but when important modules in 
contrib are ready.  I.e. what buys me a modular system, if there are only a few 
modules available?

Thank you for this write-up; I couldn't have expressed it better,

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