[development] Choosing the N number for .install's hook_update_N

Adam Moore amoore5 at ucmerced.edu
Thu Aug 7 16:45:35 UTC 2008

Derek Wright wrote:
> What other software has the very first digit go up and the feature set 
> go down?  I'm surprised to hear you have this expectation, and I'm 
> curious how wide-spread it is.
Here are my thoughts.  6.x just tells me what version of drupal it works 
on. I don't take that number into account as to what features that 
module has.   The module version number tells me what version the module 
is on. Let's use CiviCRM as an example.  It has it's own version numbers 
because it is not dependent on Drupal.  Their next version is 2.1.  I 
don't expect it to be 1.1 for D6 and 2.1 for D5. 
> One example out of thousands: PHP went from 4.4.* to 5.0.* and no one 
> thought "0 is smaller than 4, this must be an older feature set -- 
> where can I find 5.4.*?"
Let's use Pear as an example of a module for PHP. I don't expect pear to 
be version 1.x for PHP5 and 5.x for PHP4.


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