[development] New module makes custom menus from taxonomy - experienced coder wish to pick this up?

robert crowther r.crowther at zen.co.uk
Tue Aug 12 07:31:14 UTC 2008

Sorry for the long title, but wanted to get the key facts in there.

I've also posted in the module development forum, which seems more
appropriate, but the module needs a little time from an experienced
coder, up to speed on Drupal 6.x, so I'm leaving a message here, too.

I've made a new module. It creates creates custom menus from the
taxonomy. It stands out from the other solutions (unless I've missed
something), like this,

 - It's a bigger module (two modules) than other cuter solutions
(Tax'o'menu, TinyTax, Taxonomy-strider, Taxonomy-context, Site-menu,

 -  It's far more generalised. In short, you can index any part of your
taxonomy. The menus it produces update on the fly. They look like the
navigation menu or the book menu, because they use the same Drupal
systems. There are more details on my recent forum post.

If the Dutch play total football, this is total Drupal (bit of hype).

When researching, I found repeated requests in  forums and lists for
such a module, but nobody has made one, which leads to the question,
shouldn't I post my work?

Answer, no. I only started on Drupal a few months ago. I only started
coding in PHP just before the 6.x upgrade, so this module has lived
through that. What I have works very well for me. But if the community
would like it, the module needs someone experienced to look it over and
tidy it up.

Anyone want to help? Or point me in some useful directions where I can
get help? It's exciting coding, as it uses many of the new features in
Drupal 6.x. You don't even have to do the tricky stuff, as the general
approach is now worked - the module is up and running as a proof of

All you have to do is mail me back, and we can take it from there.


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