[development] What about reviewing patches?

Yuval Hager yuval at avramzon.net
Wed Aug 13 21:55:37 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 13 August 2008, Nathaniel Catchpole wrote:
> So if you already have HEAD installed (I pretty much only clean my
> database before or after reviewing a patch with an upgrade path or
> schema change), you can do this:
> // clean your HEAD of old changes.
> cvs -q diff | patch -p0 -R
> wget http://drupal.org/files/issues/somepatch.patch
> patch -p0 < somepatch.patch
> 1 out of 1 hunks failed etc.
> Mark to code needs work with 'needs a re-roll'.

Can't this process be automated? I think I remember something about a process 
that scans for stale patches - does it still exist?. The 
close-fixed-after-two-weeks bot seems to be doing a very nice work!

Yuval Hager
[@] yuval at avramzon.net
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