[development] best pratices, test environment, patch review: clues how to make easier to contribute

Nathaniel Catchpole catch56 at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 14 15:31:16 UTC 2008

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:
> That setup is not going to test if everything keep working on a
> multi-site setup or with some prefixed tables.

SimpleTest uses prefixed tables, so that point is moot.

The number of patches which are likely to affect multisite installs
are very, very little, maybe 1/1000.

> I'd consider interesting to include in the test some popular
> modules... or include some modules that just "test" a set of core
> API.
Again, SimpleTest - have you actually downloaded Drupal 7 and tried it out?

As to popular modules, when you find a 7.x version of Views and CCK,
please let me know. If you fancy porting some modules to 7.x early and
often to help test new APIs I'm sure maintainers of those modules will
welcome patches.

> BTW I get an access denied here
> http://drupal.org/node/283840

That page is now  merged into http://drupal.org/patch/review


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