[development] A streamlined way to develop core patches

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 10:48:42 UTC 2008


Is it possible to remove the empty directories that are unused in CVS  
(like /database or /themes/goofy).


On 07.12.2008, at 05:27, David Timothy Strauss wrote:

> I've made a post on the Four Kitchens blog about a new repository  
> we're hosting to support streamlined core development.
> The post is here:
> http://www.fourkitchens.com/blog/2008/12/07/using-bazaar-work-drupal-core-patches
> And here it is in plain text:
> As anyone who's developed core patches knows, it's not the writing  
> of initial patch that takes the work, it's the combination of  
> revising the patch and keeping up to date with HEAD. With  
> Drupal.org's CVS, this is difficult because you cannot commit your  
> core changes to checkpoint your work. CVS's merge algorithms are  
> also relatively poor for maintaining large divergence from CVS HEAD.
> One option -- which several community members used to create the  
> huge DB-TNG patch -- was to create a Subversion repository. This is  
> far too much overhead for smaller core patches, and it still  
> required person-by-person approval to commit to the Subversion  
> repository.
> Four Kitchens is now hosting a much more flexible system for users  
> of Bazaar. Every hour, we synchronize core changes from CVS HEAD  
> into our Drupal 7 branch, which is available for anonymous branching  
> by anyone.
> Simply download and install Bazaar, which has packages or installers  
> for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and BSD. We're using a repository  
> format that should work with Bazaar 1.0 and newer, at a minimum.
> Then, where you're ready to develop, run this:
> bzr branch bzr://vcs.fourkitchens.com/drupal/7 [optional-working- 
> copy-directory]
> You'll have a fresh working copy with a number of benefits over a  
> CVS checkout:
> You can commit to your local branch to checkpoint your work: bzr  
> commit
> You can integrate in changes to HEAD using Bazaar's superior merge  
> algorithms: bzr merge
> You can branch from your own branch: bzr branch [existing] [new]
> If you're working with others and they have Bazaar branches, too,  
> you can merge from their branches to collaborate.
> And when you're ready to post a patch, run bzr diff --old bzr:// 
> vcs.fourkitchens.com/drupal/7 to create a patch reflecting all of  
> your changes relative to CVS HEAD.
> It will be a while before Drupal.org moves to anything other than  
> CVS. Until then, we can foster decentralized development quite  
> effectively using something like the Four Kitchens repository.

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