[development] sessions problem

Sheryl (Permutations Software) sheryl at permutations.com
Wed Dec 24 02:53:49 UTC 2008

My Web host disabled the admin account on my Drupal site for a while today
because of extremely large updates to the sessions table that they said were
threatening the stability of the shared server. I took a look at an example
of these enormous queries (my Web host sent this) and saw more examples by
browsing the sessions table. I think I see the problem, but I need to know
more about Drupal sessions to fix it - specifically, how Drupal decides what
to save as sessions data.


I'm a co-maintainer of the phpFreeChat module, and it appears to be data
from phpFreeChat that is causing the sessions data to expand so enormously.
Drupal is saving vast amounts of extraneous phpFreeChat data that doesn't
need to be there at all. The Drupal login name is used by phpFreeChat, but
other than that, it has nothing to do with the user's session and nothing in
phpFreeChat needs to be saved.


To fix this problem, I need to know how Drupal decides what to save as
sessions data, and in what source code file this is done (so I can modify it
to ignore phpFreeChat). Could someone give me some insight and point me in
the right direction? My community really likes phpFreeChat and I don't want
to lose my hosting account.


Thank you in advance.


            - Sheryl


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