[development] sessions problem

Sheryl (Permutations Software) sheryl at permutations.com
Wed Dec 24 04:09:46 UTC 2008

Moshe Weitzman wrote:

> Sheryl - just call session_save_session(FALSE) and Drupal will not
save anything to sessions table. You should explore any ramifications
of this for other modules.

Unfortunately, this didn't work. It caused big problems within phpFreeChat
itself. I typed one line into the chat, and it repeated itself in a loop
forever - I had to exit the chat to abort it.

I don't understand why phpFreeChat itself would need the session data saved
to the Drupal sessions table since it's a standalone program that shouldn't
need Drupal data handling. Maybe I did this wrong? I put the
session_save_session(FALSE); line at the top of the module code.

Any other suggestions? 


	- Sheryl

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