[development] sessions problem

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Wed Dec 24 06:15:07 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 23 December 2008 10:09:46 pm Sheryl (Permutations Software) wrote:
> Moshe Weitzman wrote:
> > Sheryl - just call session_save_session(FALSE) and Drupal will not
> save anything to sessions table. You should explore any ramifications
> of this for other modules.
> Unfortunately, this didn't work. It caused big problems within phpFreeChat
> itself. I typed one line into the chat, and it repeated itself in a loop
> forever - I had to exit the chat to abort it.
> I don't understand why phpFreeChat itself would need the session data saved
> to the Drupal sessions table since it's a standalone program that shouldn't
> need Drupal data handling. Maybe I did this wrong? I put the
> session_save_session(FALSE); line at the top of the module code.
> Any other suggestions?
> Thanks.
> 	- Sheryl

It sounds like phpFreeChat (that's a 3rd party system with bridge module?) is 
doing something with the session itself, perhaps?  Check through its code and 
see where it is saving what to the session.  It may have a bug in it itself, 
or may be doing something that conflicts with Drupal's session logic.

Larry Garfield
larry at garfieldtech.com

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