[development] sessions problem

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 24 14:15:36 UTC 2008

I took a quick look at the module and found this in phpfreechat_room:

      if (is_numeric($user->uid)) {
        $_SESSION['drupal_user'] = $user;

This creates a lot of overhead. The user object can become really large 
depending upon what different modules are doing things with it. I looked 
through the code and the only part of the user object I see being used 
is $user->uid in phpfreechat_prepare_params(). I don't even see any real 
reason to store the uid, since you have the global $user that is going 
to be available for that session. I would say a good starting point is 
dumping that all together, since you have a global $user that gets 
loaded when the session is loaded.

Jamie Holly

Sheryl (Permutations Software) wrote:
> If any of you guys want to take a break from dissecting OG, I'd deeply
> appreciate thoughts and ideas about my sessions problem. Some questions:
> 1. I put the session_save_session(FALSE); line at the top of the phpFreeChat
> module code, and it broke phpFreeChat. Was this the right place to put it?
> 2. How could phpFreeChat - a standalone program - be dependent on what
> Drupal saves to its sessions table? Seems to me it can't. That's why I think
> something must have been wrong in how I tried to disable sessions writing.
> Thank you.
> 	- Sheryl

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