[development] Kaltura Releases Version 1.0 of its Open Source Video Module for Drupal

Roni Rosenan roni.rosenan at kaltura.com
Wed Dec 24 17:30:48 UTC 2008

Thanks for the comments - Kaltura offers an open source module with all of the branding elements that we include in all of our solutions, including these links.
We follow strict guidelines and make sure to include only highly relevant links that do not harm any of our publishers or Kaltura itself. Being open source anyone can remove the links, as well as change any other portion of the code.

Since we do not want to cause any negative feelings in the community (of course!), we have already updated the module, and removed all but one link. 

We look forward to the community's continued feedback - it's a huge part of how we develop and further improve on our solutions.

Happy Holidays!

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Although, in kaltura.themeing.inc, there's this fun bit - $hidden_links 
is set to display:none so that you, as a user/installer, never notice. 
Pretty bad.

<a href="http://corp.kaltura.com/technology/application_gallery">video 
platform</a><a href="http://corp.kaltura.com/about">open source 
video</a><a href="http://corp.kaltura.com/">video tools</a><a 
href="http://corp.kaltura.com/technology/video_publishing">open source 
video editor</a><a 
href="http://corp.kaltura.com/solutions/overview">online video 
platform</a><a href="http://corp.kaltura.com/solutions/overview">free 
video player</a>';

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