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Mon Feb 4 10:16:16 UTC 2008

On Feb 4, 2008 9:55 AM, Johan Forngren wrote:

> You might also want to check out WYMeditor. (Almost) valid xhtml and
> jquery. http://wymeditor.org

I was looking around for jQuery editors the past couple of days and also
came across jTagEditor [1]. This is just a tag inserter, and has some
shortcomings even as that - but I like the way it supports pluggable markup
alongside xhtml (the demo has bbcode, wiki syntax and textile implemented).

Wysiwym along the lines of wymeditor (I don't think wyg in a textarea is
ever going to be possible with 91 contrib filter modules - how do manage
with view insert tags and the rest?) + pluggable input filters/buttons +
live previews[2] seems like an ideal option either in core or contrib.

1. http://www.jaysalvat.com/jquery/jtageditor/
2.http://drupal.org/project/live (and see it in action on
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